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We are living in a world of plenty, aren’t we?
If you want to buy milk, for example, you can choose between at least ten brands and five different types (thin, whole, low-fat, lactose-free, sterilized …).
And so it is in practically every field: vehicles, clothing, food and electronics! Products must somehow stand out from the crowd, they must be more beautiful, bigger, smaller, louder, better, more innovative, cheaper, or more expensive than the others.

To cope with this flood of products, countless magazines and internet publications select the most interesting pieces (of advertisers?). Curiously, as a society, we have even made it a pastime, comparing consumer goods and spending valuable time in huge shopping malls!

We admit this only very reluctantly:
As a manufacturer of loudspeakers, we are a part of this affluent society. Also, we have to jostle with hundreds of competing manufacturers for the attention and favor of customers.

Many times we were asked:
“What is so special about your loudspeakers? Why should we especially buy your products? ”
Unimaginatively, but confidently, we replied:

“Well, simply because they sound better!”

This statement did not seem to satisfy. We are not alone with this statement; “Better than the rest” is written on every manufacturer’s banner. And there we go again in the crowd.

What to do?
Be louder than the others? Or lower the prices (or better: raise them?) Or annually exclaiming a technological revolution?

No, that’s not our way.

Even if we have often received that advice from so-called marketing consultants:
We will therefore build no products in the future just to fulfill strategic market assessments!

Rather, we will intensify our passion in the refinement of our loudspeakers, pay attention to the sound, the construction and to the harmony of the external appearance. We will research, we will develop, we will step back and illuminate details and take a long view of the whole thing. We will not close our eyes or ears to even the immeasurable; we will play, experiment, and work hard.
We are investing heavily in high-precision measurement technology, advanced simulation tools and development software. Basic research is our daily bread.
The issue of production in our region is a matter of great concern. We do not believe in fabrication in low-cost countries in order to maximize our profit.
With us you can be sure your speaker cabinets were crafted by skilled cabinetmakers from Styria with a careful hand. The assembling processes take place under the strict guidelines of the ISO 9000 standard. All steps are thoroughly documented and are subject to constant improvement.

Thus, we ultimately, reasonably answer the question:
Why our speakers?

Because you can see, feel and hear our passion and skill in every detail and in the synergistic sum of all.

Andreas Friedl, Thal 19th August 2009

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