Pick the right people and craft better things

For certain projects it is crucial to be at the right place on the right time. For this special project, the fusion of a place called “Heimat”, the energy and experience of the participating people and the right time resulted into the development of the best possible speaker system made out of a simple tree trunk.

The concept for the iTree was developed for an art show, which took place in Graz, Austria in 2006. KMKG STUDIO/ combined a found tree trunk with an iPod of the 1st generation and attached some low-fi speakers to it.

The project should show the different life cycles of things. On the one hand, there is an iPod, which is considered old and outdated after 2 years, and on the other hand, there is this beautiful 80 years old tree trunk.
After the show, the studio got into contact with the carpentry Lenz and they offered to handcraft a proper iTree. First it seemed to be an unreasonable project, but after also having Trenner & Friedl, the leading European speaker builders and sound designers, on board, the project made more and more sense. After one year of research and prototyping, the iTree was ready for the market.

KMKG STUDIO/ was founded in 2004 by Martin Kern, Georg and Xaver Kettele and has recently been run as an open studio. It sees itself as an interdisciplinary architecture and design studio based in Graz, Austria.

The main focus of their work is given, real or virtual space, scale and the transient moment of the here and now. Ongoing research into technology and development is a core part of the process, constantly allowing for experimentation within new fields, changing perspectives on, and approaches to, what already exists. Each project starts as a tabula rasa; the given is seen as a challenge, while limits represent an opportunity.

The variety of tasks undertaken keeps the studio fit in terms of creative process, while exchange with others serves as a source of inspiration.



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