Puristic, wireless or touch control – choose your system!
Sound Systems
Each iTree contains a speaker system developed by Trenner & Friedl, which by default, has a 30pin Apple docking station. A high-quality digital-analog converter captures the sound coming from an iPod/ iPhone in order to obtain the best possible sound from the digital files.

With regard to the technology, the client can choose between a built-in and an external amplifier system. Both systems are optional. There is also the possibility to connect the iTree to every conven- tional or already existing amplifier.

We recommend the built-in amplifier version, which is equipped with a Sonos streaming system, specifically for the use in private rooms. The external amplifier version is able to play music in rooms of up to 150 seats, for example in restaurants, foyers, lounges and boutiques.

Mounting Systems

With regard to the installation options of the iTree, we offer our clients a variety of floor stands, console stands and wall brackets. The tree trunk is configured for all 3 different installation options and the client is free to choose between the options at pleasure.
When choosing the wall brackets, consideration should be given to the fact that the tree trunk, depending on the type of wood and size at a length of 250 cm, weighs on average up to 80 kg.


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